Grass Roots :: Selby Gardens

September 29, 2011

Standing behind each great production, is an amazing set of vendors. The one that truly sets the stage (especially for the photographer), would certainly be the venue. To me, very few wedding venues in Florida are as photogenic as Selby Gardens. The gorgeous natural settings, beautifully manicured lawn, and the Schimmel Wedding Pavilion come together for some of my absolute favorite images to date. I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot at Selby Gardens in just about every season, and I can’t wait for my two weddings there this spring. I might also add that on beautiful days when I have free time, there’s a good chance you’ll find me exploring the 14 acres of this beautiful property.

Also, please visit their Facebook page, and check out the 2012 calendar (I have two images for the month of September!)


So glad that we’re one of those Spring weddings!! Can’t wait! I need to get down there and pick up the calendar too – def going to be one of my mom’s Xmas gifts.