Earth Day Everyday

October 5, 2010

Last night I had an amazing conversation with a potential bride… Somewhere in our hour long conversation, we got off topic and started passionately discussing any and everything that is “Green” or Eco-Friendly. It got me thinking… I haven’t done a Green Blog post in awhile! I’ve had some ideas and businesses that I’ve been waiting to share with the world!

First of all… If you’re a bride and looking to make your wedding more eco-friendly, do yourself a favor and checkout the Eco-Beautiful Weddings Fall Issue and Daily Blog Here! You’ll find green vendors, and a ton of eco-friendly ideas for your wedding!

I was also inspired yesterday by a business that is doing things right. I left Evos after lunch yesterday excited. Not only was the food delicious and healthy, but their plastic cups are compostable. Yes it’s a little thing, but it makes a big difference in the end. To make things even better, their beef is naturally raised, they have Airbaked Fries (they don’t have a single frier in the entire restaurant), and they make homemade organic shakes. You can become a fan of them on Facebook here!

In August, I had the pleasure of doing an engagement shoot for Jill and Kevin inside the Sand Pearl. We were forced to stay inside because of the pouring rain and humidity, but I honestly didn’t mind because the Sand Pearl is gorgeous, and I got the chance to read about all of their environmental initiatives. You can read them here:

I believe what got me on the topic of “Green” last night, is my most recent initiative to make my own business more Eco-Friendly. Recently I have started using ShootQ as my studio management software. Not only does this streamline my client workflow, but it creates a better client experience, and best of all… All my contracts are electronic!

I thought I would end with something fun. If you think electric cars can’t be awesome and really fast, you really need to check out Tesla Motors. Let’s just say their Roadster goes 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, gets 245 miles per charge, and has 0 tailpipe emissions. Totally awesome.

No blog post is complete without a picture… or two:


What a great green post & picture! I’m not nearly as vigilant as I should be when it comes to “doing my part,” but today’s entry will remind me to be more cognizant :). Thanks for the info and the link to eco-beautiful weddings!

Great piece. It reminds me of your vintage work. Where is this?